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We offer the highest quality of mental health care to our community members because we share a common goal: to expedite the overall well-being of the world.



At ZUMAYA, we dedicate our professional time to helping people reach their mental health goals whether it be for health, work, relationship or simply to better understand the self. We know that when individuals feel good, confident, healthy, supported, they engage in fruitful activities which means healthier communities.  

Our Team is proud to share knowledge, highly value evidenced based techniques, has a keen ear for cultural differences, the sensitivity to catch a wrong and correct it, because growth is not just for our clients. 


We believe that all living things are interconnected, if we take care of ourselves, we will positively affect many others.  

The Pitch


Do you want a job that nurtures your strengths, motivates your interests, facilitates your creativity and advocates for your life outside of work?  

We’re building community within our team, not just providing mental health services. That means that our team members are as important as our clients. 

No more waiting for a promotion and no more feeling stuck. 

Innovation and experimentation are highly encouraged at ZUMAYA with the option of job rotation opportunities to gain diversified skills that will help you throughout your career. 

Spread Your Wings


Our goal is to decrease the growing rate of mental health illness, improve the quality of life of older adults and to increase accessibility to whole person care. We can’t do it alone. 

With a strong focus on personal growth and professional development, ZUMAYA is the place to exercise your creative mind with clients and in business development. As a start-up, we have the capability of being flexible and incorporating what works and forget about what we have “always done.”

Live Outside


Our values and ethics remain intact while providing tailored treatment plans. Our clinicians are not bound by an office. We are creative in approach utilizing the outdoors as part of treatment. Perhaps art or dance? Yoga is fabulous for the mind and body and so are group sessions. Telehealth is a handy tool too.

Join our Team


You’ll learn new skills, build strong connections with other professionals, and enjoy financial bonuses throughout the year. 

Working at ZUMAYA is about making mental health illness go away. About helping people live healthy, happy lives. It is about having fun and freeing your mind to the possibilities of delivering care as we stay true to the fact that one size does not fit all. 

Working with us will give you the opportunity for growth and the flexibility to bring balance to your lifestyle.

There are a few competencies you need to have from the start:

  • An open mind for new ideas and clinical methodologies

  • The ability to define problems

  • The motivation to learn and constantly strive for improvement

  • Effective case conceptualization skills

  • Team oriented approach 

  • Value integrated behavioral healthcare

  • Flexibility with delivery of care

  • Diagnostic skills

You might also have experience in:

  • healthcare settings

  • Substance use treatment 

  • Providing bilingual services

  • Measurement-based care

Our Team's Core Values



To trust your gut, to be you.  


We are available for each other.


A smile is refreshing. It is a moment of happiness.  


We are grateful, learn from our mistakes and share knowledge.

Open Positions


Behavioral Health Specialist  

Make sure you meet the posting requirements, send a copy of your professional license and letter of interest to:, attention Gladys. We welcome all Colorado Licensed Therapists.  

Include the following in your letter of interest:  

  • Preferred approach for providing the highest quality of care to clients and explain why it works for you.  

  • Which skill is the most effective in helping you build rapport with your clients? 

  • Which mental health diagnosis or problem do you excel at, and which are challenging?  

  • How do you address poor treatment response?


Keep your letter of interest to no more than one page, you may use 1.5 spacing and narrow margins if needed. There is no right or wrong answer. We all possess unique qualities, skills and experiences that help us be effective during client time - we all have room for growth.  

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