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About Us

Our vision is to provide our community with the highest quality of behavioral health care to expedite inner peace and overall wellbeing for a healthier world.

Our Commitment to our Community

To empower happiness and mind-body awareness for healthier communities.

Our Commitment to our Clients

To facilitate profound experiences where no-one wants to go back to the old way of being.

By leaving the couch behind

ZUMAYA is growth.

We choose to Live Outside of the traditional way of delivering mental health therapy…

By prioritizing prevention

By facilitating experiences rather than just talk

By tracking your progress, over sessions and years

By forming a strong link with your doctors 

By breaking the 50-minute session constraint

What We Do


Prevention of severe mental illness and collaborating with your doctor is central to our vision.

ZUMAYA'S Goal: to prevent severe mental health illness by 

  • offering preventative programs, 

  • administering effective psychological screening

  • delivering evidenced based psychotherapy treatments-tailored to your unique need, 

  • coordinating care with your healthcare team

  • keeping track of any mental health changes year over year.

Early intervention strategies include social skills training, mind and body awareness, effective communication skills using the TEAM model, emotion regulation, stress management, mindfulness, psychoeducation, resilience and forgiveness, conflict resolution, and interpersonal connection techniques.


Learn more about our preventative BRAIN FITNESS Program >

The ZUMAYA Model of Care



To prevent the onset of or alter the trajectory of mental illness.


Properly diagnose and prevent the development of poor treatment response, poor psychosocial functioning, substance use, to help relieve the burden on patients’ families and to actively work towards early and complete recovery.


To address psychosocial well-being and functioning by addressing poor treatment response and by using effective therapeutic techniques to decrease the severity of symptoms for improved daily living.


Ongoing support is a long-term investment that is essential to maintain healthy lifestyle changes, decrease the severity of a relapse, and to promote independence from family and caregivers-improving everyone’s quality of life.


We use a collaborative approach to healthcare which allows for effective advocacy of our clients’ wellbeing, a tailored biopsychosocial treatment plan and access to pharmacological interventions.

An Open Letter From Our Founder


Dear Clients,

I have been dreaming of this moment since I was a young girl. The moment when I open the doors wide to extend access to mental health services to my beloved community. My belief is that everyone can decrease or get rid of their suffering by understanding the connection between mind and body and engaging in effective behavioral change.

Silly how I got here but true story-After watching Uri Gellar bend a spoon with his mind, I was sure that the mind held magical powers and that I could help everyone channel those powers to stop all suffering.

To my disappointment, there is no magic. I found my superpower after many years of school, over a decade of experience working with individuals and families in diverse settings treating a wide range of diagnosis. My superpower is especially keen at helping people with anxiety disorders and holds special attention for those who live with the challenges of T1D and substance use.

While Uri Gellar could not be scientifically proven, the world of psychology has been working hard at developing effective practices and techniques to help people understand how the mind works, and how to recover from anxiety, mood disorders and other conditions of the mind fast. Yes. I said recover fast. It is possible to feel better in just a few sessions.

There is no magic cure, and I cannot read minds, but I can guess that you are asking yourself “how can I feel better so fast? I’ve tried everything. Therapy has not worked for me!” Many factors influence the outcome of treatment but after many years of experience treating mental health illness, backed up by research, I openly share with you two important actions necessary for fast recovery. I call it willingness to live outside. To live outside is to be willing to see the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To live outside, of your suffering, you must agree to do the work that it will take for you to feel better.

Yes, it is hard work and scary at times. For a lot of us, emotions are a thing to get over and it feels uncomfortable to sit with a stranger to “talk” about it. I grew up in an all-male household where the rampant culture of machismo guided my every decision-that was a lonely time for me.

Nobody needs to feel lonely or unloved. I extend a special invitation to connect with me or my team whenever you need it. My commitment to you is to provide you with the highest quality of behavioral healthcare. To give you access to a team of caring and expert behavioral health clinicians that will be with you during vulnerable and confident times. So that you don’t want to go back to the old way of being.


With gratitude,


Gladys Villa



The ZUMAYA Model of Care
An Open Letter from Our Founder
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