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Partner with ZUMAYA

Our Goals:
  • To be the preferred behavioral health partner for shared patient care. Zumaya engages in a level two integration that allows all providers the flexibility for shared patient care while respecting organizational boundaries and limitations for mutual collaboration of patient health goals.

  • To contribute to the quality of life and wellbeing of healthcare providers. We are committed to a paradigm shift where behavioral health specialist forms a part in an evolved medical team that allows all specialties to maximize their impact across care settings. Working in silos no longer works and it is a primary contributor to provider burnout. With a team approach, we can all deliver effective, patient centric health care so that we can all go back to loving our respective professions and live a balanced life. 

Benefits of Partnering with ZUMAYA

  • Annual Mental Health Wellness (MHWE). Patients are encouraged to come in every year for an annual MHWE. As the medical provider, you will receive a summary of the exam, treatment goals, and continued progress updates.

  • Need your patient to improve on a health goal? With ease, share a patient health goal with zumaya. We strive to increase access to whole person care.

  • Assist with psychiatric medication management-consistent updates on adherence and effectiveness of medication.

  • Specialty care for older adults. Zumaya will keep a close eye on cognitive changes, health goals and provide ongoing mental health support.

  • Updates on risk factors. Progress summaries reflect any changes that may contribute to low adherence of medical recommendations.

  • Prevention. Let us help with psychoeducation and skills building.

  • Ongoing Support. Long term outpatient care is provided.

  • Have a patient that struggles with substance use? Zumaya will send you a complete summary of the patient’s substance use, stage of change and we will continue to work with a patient through relapse prevention planning.


Zumaya Behavioral Health Specialty Group is an outpatient Provider of mental health services. We do not provide crisis or on call services.

Which Patients Are a Good Fit for Collaborative Care?


Teens and Adults:

Zumaya is happy to assist you with any patient as young as 13-year-old that struggle with a mood disorder, anxiety disorder, relationship conflicts, habits and addictions and chronic illness.

Older Adults:

Zumaya pays special attention to the health needs of older adults. Our goal with older adults is to keep tabs on cognitive changes, reduce isolation, include physical health as a treatment goal and work closely with medical providers for ongoing prevention and maintenance of health goals.

How We Deliver High-Value Behavioral Health Care


Three pathways inform how we deliver a high-quality service:

Therapeutic Tools

Therapeutic tools are the heart of our program. Our BH Team is comprised of experienced, licensed clinicians, with a wide range of expertise.

Coordination Activities

Coordination activities keep us connected. Our responsibility is to communicate relevant and timely information to our partners so that we can effectively improve patient outcomes. Efficient workflows are highly valued, and we thrive on internal and external team consultation.

Measure Based Care

Quality measures provide information about health care quality, service delivery and inform Provider decisions-all important information to guide high quality mental health services and overall best health outcomes.

Appointment Types

Preventative and Maintenance Wellness Programs 

Wellness packages are designed for individual who are integrating mental health into their health goals or for those who are in remission of a mental health or substance use diagnosis. 

Individual Therapy

ZUMAYA serves youth as young as 13 years old and adults of all ages.


Therapy sessions via HIPPA compliant videoconferencing. Saves travel time, and it is as effective as face-to-face treatments.

Individual Intensive Therapy

Intensive Therapy is offered at 110 minutes per session. Intensive therapy is designed to accelerate recovery by taking advantage of longer and more frequent therapy sessions to help the patient move through their treatment goals without long periods of wait time.

Outdoor Therapy

The outdoors is used to cultivate mindfulness, strengthen the body along with experiential therapeutic techniques-expedites recovery.

Outdoor mental health sessions benefit all people. It is especially beneficial for people with depression, social anxiety, chronic illness, and urban dwellers. Outdoor therapy with ZUMAYA means that your patient will be surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains and forest to expedite experiential growth and relief of mental health symptoms in a peaceful and private setting.

Due to the high risk of respiratory illness transmissions, in-person sessions are limited to intensive work sessions or special circumstances considered on a case-by-case basis.

From Our Founder


To our trusted partners,

Over 15 years ago, after a doctor’s appointment, I asked myself, “why doesn’t every healthcare clinic have mental health support?” At the time, I thought it impossible given all the challenges we are all widely aware of. Today, our world looks very different. Recent events have challenged the traditional healthcare delivery system, and, in the process, we have been forced to double up on work to the point of exhaustion.

And while it is still not exactly the right time for commercial payors to support the integration of behavioral health care services. It is exactly the right time to team up and execute a biopsychosocial model of care, for two major reasons. We know that the best approach to care is whole person care and to divide the work respectively, means improved patient outcomes and a decrease in Provider burnout. Both reasons resonate in my heart as a patient and as a Provider of behavioral health care.

I understand that our healthcare system brings challenges to a seamless workflow for collaboration. After 10 plus years of working collaboratively in diverse healthcare setting and large systems, I have seen how one more process is demoralizing, one more click can be too much - it sucks the energy out of showing up to work and out of providing quality patient care.

But I am optimistic, excited, and dedicated to move this partnership forward. I don’t promise you a perfect workflow, but I do promise that I will take your feedback for continuous quality improvement and that our shared patients will be heard, you will have relevant and useful information, and together we will deliver high quality whole person care. We just need to start collaborating to begin to take out the kinks.

One last share. During sessions, I gently challenge every one of my patients to “live outside.” To live outside of their depression and anxiety. To live outside of the suffering and to be courageous about doing the hard work it will take to feel better. I extend the same challenge to you, my healthcare colleagues. “Live Outside.” Live outside of the norm. Live outside of burnout and exhaustion. Live outside of your routine.

I hope to meet you soon. In case you find all this interesting, I'm issuing an open invitation to get to know me, ZUMAYA and all things behavioral health.


With gratitude,


Gladys Villa


Founder, ZUMAYA Behavioral Health Specialty Group

The wise choice for your patients mental health care



We welcome your questions, feedback and can answer any questions about our collaborative process and the benefits of partnership. Please reach out at or by completing the contact form below.

How to Refer a Patient


The Provider contact information is as important to us as the patient’s information. 


To receive an intake appointment update, summary of intake, treatment goals and ongoing progress summary, please include the name of the clinic, Provider name, fax number or email where updates will be sent to. 

This is a secure intake form, following all HIPAA security laws. 


Steps from top to bottom:
  1. Name of person filling out the form and phone number

  2. Patient name, DOB, address, phone number, email address (if the patient does not have an email, use the clinic email address or a false email and clearly state in the notes section)

  3. Referring Provider Entity: Clinic Name, fax number or email address

  4. Provider Name

  5. Patient Insurance if any. 

  6. Select a Preferred Provider

  7. Preferred location will default to Telehealth. In person visits are considered on a need basis and discussed with the patient during the First Session. 

  8. Reason for visit:

    1. First Session means the patient is ready to schedule

    2. Free consult means the patient has questions before scheduling

  9. Details: Include reason for referral, expectations for care coordination and any other relevant information.  

  10. After you submit the intake form, you will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment for your patient or do nothing. In case patient is not ready to schedule, we will contact the patient within 48 hours to schedule or to answer any questions.   

Partner with ZUMAYA
Which Patients Are a Fit?
How We Deliver High-Value Care
Appointment Types
From Our Founder
Benefits of Partnering with ZUMAYA
How to Refer a Patient

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