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Personal and Professional Development Coaching


Better than a coach. We are masters of human psychology and business with many years of experience helping people get in touch with their inner self, thoughts, emotions, and spirit to achieve life goals.

Together, we will explore the wisdom of your body and mind to build inner awareness necessary for transformational change.

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Our Coaching Approach

The mind and body work together to show us the way but we must know how to listen to the cues. The goal of brain fitness is to sync the mind and the body to function in unity for optimal life choices. Our role is to magnify your efforts and deepen the impact of your discoveries using holistic and evidence-based strategies such as cognitive, behavioral and somatic modalities to include breathwork, a natural way of connecting with your body for inner guidance and cathartic releases.

Coaching is not Therapy

Coaching builds mental fitness. Coaching is the process of helping individuals achieve future goals using techniques that are present focused non-judgmental and supportive. Coaching relies on a healthy level of functioning that promotes performance, growth and well-being.


Therapy is the process of treating mental illness. A mental health therapist is a medical professional licensed to diagnose and treat mental health problems. Therapists have higher levels of professional education and are licensed by their practicing state regulatory board. Zumaya's coaches hold a Master's degree, although there is no specific minimum education standard for coaching.

Introducing the Brain Fitness Program

Brain fitness is like physical fitness. Nobody wants to exercise but everyone wants to feel confident, healthy and full of energy.

Are you seeking fulfillment in your daily life, at work, or in your relationships? We will arm you with powerful tools and skills that you can use today and in the future.

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Benefits of Our Self-Development Program

01 Growth Mindset

Self-development is a lifelong process. Future life challenges will require a new set of skills.

Personal development:

✓ Feel confident

✓ Strengthen natural abilities

✓ Conquer fears

✓ Conflict resolution

✓ Effective communication

✓ Goal setting

✓ Time management

✓ Flirting and dating

✓ Feel closer to people

02 Connected Mind & Body

Continue your self-exploration and growth.

✓ Next step is wellness.

✓ Dive deeper into yourself

✓ Develop personal goals

✓ Execute

✓ Learn and practice skills

03 Whole Body Health

Your body is smarter than your mind.

Cultivate the Mind-Body Connection as a lifestyle goal. Explore the power within through Breathwork. Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Shed burdensome thoughts, release accumulated tension, and create space for fresh, vibrant mind-body connections.

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Professional Development

We understand business.


Professional growth is about strengthening your natural abilities while developing new skills to position you for success.


Relationship coaching focuses on developing skills that will attract healthy connections with coworkers, external partners, team building and sales.


Performance coaching is all about learning how to increase the quality of your work and time management skills.


Communication coaching helps you master the art of active listening and responding with purpose. Learn how to respond to misunderstandings, conflict, feeling attacked and how to be aware of your own body language for purposeful communication.


Accelerate your growth. Feel confident with giving and receiving feedback. Improve your performance, decision making and problem-solving skills. Develop your leadership skills while practicing stress-tolerance. Be a master of your emotions even in high-stress situations.


How do you know if Brain Fitness is for you?

Zumaya is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to individuals of all genders and age brackets, while our specific focus is to meet the unique needs and preferences of men.

There are two paths that motivate people to pursue Brain Fitness. The first path attracts people who are generally doing well in life, aspire to innovate their own change and seek to keep on the path of self-growth. The second path is for people who struggle in one or more domains of life and feel like they are running in a loop with no end in sight. Both of those paths attract people who are curious about themselves, want loving relationships and value a healthy and meaningful life.

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