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Men's Mental Health

Personal Development through mental health therapy or coaching.


We are serious about promoting positive mental health practices. Work-life balance is in your future.

Are You Good?

The idea of self-reliance is dangerous to your health. You try harder but willpower does not get rid of anxiety or depression. So, you deny the presence of a problem and rely on alcohol, drugs, sex, overworking, unhealthy eating, excessive gaming or exercise and isolation. You might be experiencing headaches, digestive problems, sexual dysfunction, pains, fatigue, indecisiveness, loss of ability to concentrate like you are losing your mind.

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Therapy session

"Try Harder!"

Bologna. Mental health therapists would not exist if the only thing you had to do is "try harder." Another secret, using LOGIC as the primary way to get rid of irrtability, guilt, shame, sleep issues, relationship conflict, excessive worry, feeling without a purpose, will NOT WORK. Don't try harder, alone. Partner with us. We can help you identify the problem and give you tools to fix it.

Risk Factors

  • Employment issues

  • High stress job

  • Unemployment

  • Retirement

  • Marital/relationship breakdown

  • Legal and financial concerns

  • Health problems

  • Family conflict

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Make Your Life Easier

Asking for help may be difficult for different reasons, valuable to you. As you think about the cost and benefits of NOT seeking help, is the price you pay worth it? You don't want people to know that you are struggling so you choose to suffer in isolation. Does suffering in isolation get you close to your life goals? Does it relieve conflict? Does it make you feel closer to your family, friends, life partner? We will not be the ones to convince you about what to care about or what to work for. We are here to share our expertise, education and tools to assist you to get closer to your specific goals: work, love, ambition, family, relationships, purpose, self-healing, connection with your body and mind for optimal health and value driven life choices.

How To Fix The Problem?

Work with us. The first step is to identify the problem. You will learn how your thoughts and emotions affect your behavior and physical health. Then we develop a set of effective tools that are specific to your problem. Through gentle guidance, you will soon be able to utilize all your tools to catch yourself before going down the rabbit hole, identify the problem and solve it. If Self-Reliance is a part of your values, then let's make it happen! Become the master of your mind, emotions and body-become the person you want to be.

Team Meeting

Did You Know?

1 in 10 men experience a form of depression or anxiety but less than half seek treatment.

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