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You can change the way you feel.

Zumaya offers you the space to grow and heal through integrative, traditional and non-traditional techniques targeting the whole person, mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Our Services

In-person and virtual sessions available!

Our mission is to impart effective mind-body tools for profound inner healing experiences and personal growth.

We offer traditional therapy sessions for the treatment of mental health diagnosis, led by licensed clinical therapists. Additionally, we provide self-development programs where clinical intervention may not be required, promoting holistic well-being and personal growth.

Focus Areas



Alcohol & drug use


Relational issues

Body psychotherapy

Mental Health Therapy

The Zumaya team is comprised of licensed clinical professionals who guide you through overcoming a diagnosis. We remove the stigma around improving your mental health and offer an approachable and comfortable atmosphere.

Focus Areas

Mental Health Therapy

Brain Fitness Coaching

Morning Fog

Men's Mental Health

Your well-being is important to us. Let’s collaborate to recognize and treat mental health symptoms. Alternatively, explore brain fitness coaching to enhance inner awareness for mental health prevention and personal growth.

Focus Areas

Relationship Coaching

Performance Coaching




Zumaya is dedicated to supporting adults of all ages in reducing stress, enhancing professional and personal relationships, maximizing productivity, and fostering a healthy work/life balance. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals seeking comprehensive well-being in both their personal and professional lives.



Libre Breathwork uses breathwork techniques for heightened awareness. Feel the healing power of your body, leading to a sense of aliveness and connection without the need for psychedelic drugs. The approach involves deep internal work, emphasizing non-verbal methods to let go of emotional pain and promote overall well-being.

Prevention of severe mental illness is central to our vision. Promoting self-development is our mission.

Our Promise


Intervention strategies that work


Effective psychological screenings


Individualized, evidenced based and somatic psychotherapy treatments


Care coordination with your healthcare team


Results focused approach to mental health treatment.


Free 15 Minute Consultation


A free 15-minute phone consultation is available to clarify questions about our services or want to understand the difference between our personal development program and mental health therapy.

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Why Zumaya?

We are not talk. We transcend mere conversation by offering integrative mental health therapy and solutions that incorporate evidence-based mind-body techniques, coupled with non-traditional treatments tailored for individual results. Our approach focuses on strategies designed to pave the way for a lifetime of success, where we actively partner with you to achieve your goals.


What sets us apart is our goal-driven mindset—your objectives seamlessly become ours. Schedule an appointment with us if you seek a dedicated partner committed to aiding your healing and growth, helping you reach your personal development goals. Our approach is action-oriented, providing the gentle accountability everyone needs to stay on track. Each session concludes with a technique for you to practice at home, recognizing that consistent practice leads to success.


Our team comprises highly skilled and trained clinicians, ensuring we are the ideal partners in your journey. We recognize the critical importance of training and supervision in achieving successful client outcomes, making us the best possible ally in your pursuit of mental well-being and personal growth.

Gladys Villa

Founder - Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, LAC, MBA

Live Outside your mental struggles.
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We're located in Evergreen, Colorado.
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Did You Know?

Half of all mental disorders start by the age of 14 and peak during the transition from childhood to young adulthood.

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