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Happy Mind (Prevention)


Get started on your mental health wellness care. 
  • Best for those new to mental health therapy

  • Establish a baseline and learn more about your mental health state. 

  • Those looking to learn skills to improve on the results of the mental health wellness exam.

  • Learn more about a diagnosis.

  • Need to share your diagnosis with your doctor for medication management

  • Coordinate care with your doctor on the impact on chronic illness 

  • Become familiar with how mental health therapy works. 

  • Build a relationship with your primary care therapist for future needs. 

Three-month package includes:
  • One 75-minute Mental Health Wellness Exam

  • Three 65-minute telehealth sessions. 

  • Care coordination with your primary care doctor or specialist ($360 value)



$760.00 one-time payment

Engaged Mind (Wellness)


Continue your self-exploration and growth.
  • Everything included in Happy Mind plus…

  • Dive deeper into yourself 

  • Develop personal goals

  • Execute a plan to meet your goals

  • Learn and practice skills

  • One intensive session for fast insight and relief of symptoms

Six-month package includes:
  • One 75-minute Mental Health Wellness Exam

  • Four 65-minute telehealth sessions. 

  • One 110-minute telehealth intensive or substitute for two 65-minute sessions.

  • Care coordination with your primary care doctor or healthcare team ($540 value)

  • Two 15-minute care consults with self or caregivers ($90 value)


$1345.00 one-time payment

Connected Mind (Ongoing Support)


Year-round mind and body wellness program to support your health goals.

This program is specific to individuals who are in the recovery and maintenance phase of a behavioral health diagnosis or who want to maintain whole body health.   

  • Everything included in Happy and Engaged Mind plus…

  • Choice of outdoor, in person or telehealth sessions.

  • Option to integrate hypnosis into every session.

  •  Strengthen skills for recovery maintenance

  • Tackle chronic illness goals 

  • Substance use recovery maintenance

  • Maintenance support of any mental health diagnosis. 

12-month package includes:
  • One 75-minute Mental Health Wellness Exam

  • 46 sessions at 65-minutes each 

  • 1 intensive session at 110-minutes 

  • Option for telehealth, in-person or outdoor sessions. 

  • Care coordination with your primary care doctor or specialist ($1080 value)

  • 12 care consults at 15 minutes each with self or caregivers ($540 value)

  • Guaranteed appointment slots


$9,998.00 for the year. Monthly subscription or one-time payment available. 

Ask us about unlimited sessions for $16,485 per year.

Brain Fitness for Men (Shape Up)


Men with healthy minds are more energized, motivated, connected, and happier.  
  • Best for those new to brain fitness goals

  • Establish a baseline  

  • Is it me? Learn how to know if you are the problem or someone else. 

  • Adopt basic stress relieving skills into your day. 

  • Build a relationship with ZUMAYA for future needs

Three-month program includes:

Four consultations:

  • One 75-minute telehealth

  • One 65-minute in person 

  • Two 65-minute telehealth

Scheduled at your convenience.


$743.00 one-time payment

Get Fit (Mind + Body)


Exercise your mind and body. Become a ninja at getting it right the first time.   
  • Everything included in Shape UP plus…

  • Identify behaviors that are making your mind flabby and tired 

  • Develop personal brain fitness goals

  • If it is you, learn how to fix it. 

  • Learn and practice skills that get you closer to the people you care about

  • Practice advanced mind and body techniques that help with stress and anger

  • Measurement based consultations for quantifiable results

Seven-month program includes:

Ten consultations plus one bonus get fit fast intensive:

  • One, 75-minute telehealth

  • Nine, 65-minute-with your choice of in person, outdoor or telehealth

  • Bonus get fit fast intensive at 110 minutes 

  • Guaranteed appointment slots

​Scheduled at your convenience


$2250.00 one-time payment

Confidence, Flirting + Relationships


The time is NOW.   
  • Become more confident

  • Learn socializing and flirting skills

  • Understand why you attract the same person

  • Improve your self-image

  • Practice interpersonal communication Skills

  • 10 days for improved self-esteem

  • Get closer to the people you love, attract new friends or romantic relationships

  • Explore the real you 

  • No more being weird. No more being off

  • This program is designed for teens, adults and older adults

  • Tailored to individual, unique needs. No cookie cutter program.

  • At the end of 3 months, you will meet the improved YOU. 

3-month program includes:

Nine consultations plus one bonus free your mind intensive:

  • One, 75-minute telehealth

  • Eight, 65-minute-with your choice of in person, outdoor or telehealth

  • Bonus 110 minute in person, intensive 

  • Guaranteed appointment slots

  • Travel time included for public practice. 

This is a life changing gift for you or someone you care about dearly. 


$2580.00 one-time payment


Happy Mind
Engaged Mind
Connected Mind
Brain Fitness for Men
Get Fit
Confidence, Flirting + Relationships

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